Terms of Sales

General sales conditions updated on March 18, 2022 at 10:30 am.

Before submitting orders and making payments, you are required to read the following purchase agreement terms very carefully.

1. Subject
This online page explains the general conditions of the products and services offered by the Ceccacci S.r.l. through the online website www.ceccacci.com end/or www.ceccacci.it

2. Purpose, scope and contracting parties
The general sales conditions have been drafted in order to ensure transparency and fairness in the relationship between the buyer, called "Client", and "Ceccacci S.r.l.".
These terms apply to orders subsequent to the date of publication.

3. Derogations
Exceptions to these terms and conditions may be granted and will only be valid only if agreed in writing between Ceccacci S.r.l. and the Client. Any written and/or verbal commitments by agents, distributors and/or external collaborators from the Ceccacci S.r.l. do not bind the latter unless expressly confirmed in writing by the Company.

4. Validity and modification
The terms and conditions of this contract may be modified by the Ceccacci S.r.l. unilaterally and without notice and shall be valid from the date and time of publication on this website.

5. Products and services
Through this website you can purchase watches, watch straps, pocket watches, wall clocks, watch parts, gold and/or silver jewellery, gold and/or silver ingots, and antique trade and antique items, handmade articles, diamonds and other types of products in this field.

6. How to order
The products mentioned in point 5 can only be ordered on-line, via the electronic cart available on this online store. The order is only finalized at the time of payment.

7. Payment Systems
The services and products offered on-line by the Ceccacci S.r.l. can be purchased by payment with credit card of various types such as Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, American Express, and so on.

8. Billing policy
The goods travel with a regular order document that has no product warranty value and not valid for fiscal purposes.
The Client who wishes to receive the invoice must ask for it at the time of payment by communicating tax and personal data of the person (physical or legal) to whom it must be assigned to. The invoice will be issued in paper format and included in the package which will be sent to the address indicated on the order form or at another address previously indicated by the customer.

9. Price list
The prices of the products on sale:

  • not include VAT;
  • are in Euros (EUR/€);
  • have been already discounted (when expected);
  • not includes transportation costs and other charges for ancillary services such as insurance, storage costs, customs service (duty costs) and/or taxes in general;
  • all is indicated in the information sheet dedicated to each product as well as in the general catalog;
  • it can be modified unilaterally and without notice by the Ceccacci S.r.l.

Therefore, before purchasing, the Client should check any price variation. The valid prices will be the ones at the moment the client completes the order.

10. Shipping policy
The client must refer to the following timelines regarding the availability of the product and from payment confirmation:

  • available items: immediate shipment (within 2-4 business days);
  • items available on (pre)order: shipment within 180 business days;
  • items not available: no shipment expected.

The order will not be processed until the Ceccacci S.r.l. receives the payment from the Client. International orders have the same order processing time. The Ceccacci S.r.l. does not process partial shipments, unless specified by the Client.

11. Transportation
The Items travel at customer's risk and danger.
Unless otherwise agreed between the contracting parties, Ceccacci freely chooses the carrier, which is usually DHL. Costs and risks for shipping and delivery, including those when held in stock by the carrier, are responsibility of the Client, if the client refuses the items from the carrier, or the client is not available on business days and at office hours.

12. Shipping costs
Shipping is always free in Italy. For foreign fares please check during the Checkout phase of purchasing.

13. Delivery
Delivery times may vary from 24 hours to 8 business days. Atmospheric conditions, road accidents and strikes could delay the normal delivery times. Shipments are tracked and an e-mail will be sent to the client containing the link to track the order and know the exact delivery day.

14. To exchange an Item
The Ceccacci S.r.l. does not offer the exchange service previously purchased on the portal www.ceccacci.com and/or www.ceccacci.it The Client will have to use the right of withdrawal but will still be able to order the correct product again.

15. Right of withdrawal
The Client has 14 days (in Italy) or 7 days (Europe/Extra EU) from when the order is received to have the right of withdrawal, without obligation to state the reason. The items must be sent to:

Name: Ceccacci S.r.l.
Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele 11-22
ZIP Code: I-03024
City: Ceprano
Province: Frosinone
Country: Italy

Returned items must be unused and never worn and must be returned in the original packaging with any attached documentation and labels. Delivery is the Client's responsibility until the arrival to destination; It is therefore advisable to send the package with a delivery service that insures the value of the items and is trackable. All items will be controlled once they are received and if they do not meet with our policies for withdrawal, the procedure of the right of withdrawal will not be possible.

16. Reimbursement policy
In case the Customer decides to make use of point 15 and meets the requirements, the Ceccacci S.r.l. will issue a refund by Bank Transfer or Credit Card, unless otherwise specified by the Client. The refund will meet the price of the item or items when they were purchased and this includes items purchased on sale. We will issue the refund excluding any shipping costs, duties, taxes, etc. Refunds will be made within 180 business days and it will be credited in accordance to the Clients banking circuit.

17. Warranty exclusion and duration
All Ceccacci watches have a warranty for 24 months from the date of purchase. The warranty has an international value. We are not responsible to defects that result from inadequate use, falls and/or tampering. Here are some examples: overlapping spiral, decentralized dial, damaged tube and/or crown, chipped glass, water and/or rust inside your Ceccacci watch. Also not included in the warranty: glass, strap (both leather and bracelet) and/or battery (if quartz watch). In any case, your Ceccacci watch must never be tampered with and/or repaired by inexperienced people. We recommend revising every 3 or 4 years. Failure to observe these instructions or even just opening the watch case, carried out without permission of our Authorized Service Center, will void the warranty.
More information here: https://www.ceccacci.com/pages/international-warranty

19. Competent forum
For any controversy that arises, the court of Frosinone (Italy), is competent.

20. Approval of restrictive clauses
Pursuant to and for the purposes Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian civil code, the Client declares to have read and approved the terms of the General Terms and Conditions of Prices, Fees, Transportation and Competent Court.
In order to have both a written copy of the rules contained in this contract and the information regarding the identification of the provider of the service, the Client is required to print or save on the computer these general conditions (Article 3 of Italian Legislative Decree 185/99).

21. Postponement
Not provided for in these general conditions, the Italian legal system will be applied.