International Warranty

We certify that your watch has been completely assembled in our workshop by highly qualified personnel. The materials are strictly superior hypoallergenic quality defined Nickel Free in reference and in norm with the Italian, EU and international regulations (D. Lgs. 206 - 06/09/05).

Materials and components may derive from: IT, CH, JP and/or PRC. Your Ceccacci watch is in norm with WEEE 2002/96/CE and RoHS 2002/95/CE. We guarantee that your watch is absent from any manufacturing defect.

The present warranty is valid for 24 months from the date of shown purchase.

Exclusion from warranty.
We are not responsible for defects due to improper use, theft, loss, falls and/or tampering of which we give some examples: crossed spiral, offset dial, damaged pipe and/or crown, chipped glass, water and/or rust inside the watch. Also not included in the warranty: glass, strap and/or battery (if the watch is quartz).

In any case, your watch must not be tampered with and/or repaired by inexperienced person.

Failure to follow these instructions and/or even the opening of the watch case, carried out without our explicit authorization, will result in the cancellation of the warranty.

Watch maintenance.
Your watch is an instrument of great precision and therefore requires some close attention.

If your Ceccacci watch has a strap made of leather, textile or rubber with a leather or textile inlay, make sure that high-quality strap does not come into contact with water, oily substances, solvents, cleaning agents or cosmetic products. This way you can prevent discoloration and premature ageing of the material.

The components of the watch are lubricated, but during the use, lubricants inevitably tend to modify and this may cause progressive wear-out of the components themselves. To avoid this problem, it is advisable to clean and lubricate the mechanism at regular intervals.

It must be remembered that steel can be affected by salt corrosion: therefore, after use in salt water, it is necessary to carefully wash the watch with fresh water.

If your watch indicates to be Water Resistant (in this case the seal marked on the case or on the dial must be at least 10 ATM or 100 meters), an annual service of the watch's conditions is recommended. Always check that the crown is well tightened. If your watch is a vintage production with plastic glass and/or without a screw crown, we highly advise to not use it in water. In every day use, therefore on the wrist, the water pressure exerted on the watch can be higher than the one generated in the workshop in a static standard of the item.

If your Ceccacci watch is predisposed with a screw-in crown, always make sure that it is screwed well before any water contact, taking care not to force it too much in order to keep the gaskets as long as possible.

If your watch is a hand-winding model, we recommend that you always load it at the same time, preferably in the morning and in any case not between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

A mechanical or automatic watch may have a gear discrepancy (time variation) between ±1 and ±10 seconds per day.

Automatic watches are recharged with wrist movement, so the power reserve is proportional to the movements performed during the hours when wearing the watch (a use of a few hours or slight movement corresponds to a short endurance).

Avoid subjecting the watch to severe shocks, sudden temperature change, high temperatures and/or long exposures in magnetic fields.

In order to guarantee the perfect functioning of your mechanical or automatic watch, it is advisable to have your watch serviced every 3 or 4 years.

Battery replacement.
Since the battery is inserted in the factory, its actual duration from the moment of purchasing the watch may be shorter than the specified duration. The battery is silver zinc and once discharged it is advisable to have it replaced only by a watchmaker, as this operation may compromise the functioning of the watch itself.

If the watch has a second hand, the battery must be replaced when the hand starts moving in two second clicks at a time, instead of normal one second click. Certain types of watches do not have this feature. The watch, however, continues to mark the precise time even while the second hand clicks in two seconds at a time.

The delay or the monthly average is less than 15 seconds (20 seconds for certain gauges) as long as the watch is used in the normal temperature range (from 5° to 35° C). It is recommended to have the quartz watch serviced once every 2 or 3 years. Do not remove the battery from the watch. In case it is necessary to remove the battery, keep it away from children reach. In case of accidental ingestion by children, immediately contact a qualified doctor.

Do not short-circuit the battery. Do not attempt to open and/or heat it. Do not expose it to flame. The battery is not rechargeable. Do not attempt to recharge it, to avoid possible battery leakage or damage to the same battery.

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