1850 — 1890

During the second half of the 18th century the Ceccacci family worked on the production of high quality watchmaking pieces for private customers.

1891 — 1899

Sir Giovanni Ceccacci, already an apprentice watchmaker, set off for the first African Colonial War and he was imprisoned in Addis Abeba in 1895. Soon he was appointed court counselor and official watchmaker of His Majesty the Emperor of Ethiopia, Negus Neghesti Menelik II. He created for him the ancient clock tower of Addis Abeba (today still visible) and repaired numerous pocket watches. He also made a ring-clock for Queen Taitù Batùl, really appreciated by the Queen and by the whole court.

The Ceccacci Watches Company was founded in 1897 by Sir Giovanni Ceccacci who worked as a watchmaker for the Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II and his wife Queen Taitù Batùl during the African Colonial Wars. There are many churches and monuments in Italy where it is still possible to see Sir Giovanni Ceccacci’s work.

1900 — 1919

Back to Italy Sir Giovanni Ceccacci was one of the first to create a revolving display showcase with the parts of some old gramophones which was officially used in his shop and by other retailers.

1920 — 1930

Being a brilliant watchmaker, Sir Giovanni Ceccacci collaborated with important personalities like Frassoni and Melloncelli in the construction of large tower clocks.

Among his many works there are those in the cities of Ceprano, Torricella, Penne, Mercogliano, San Giovanni Incarico, Villa Santo Stefano, Pofi and Olevano Romano (all located in Italy); even many villages of the Southern Lazio and many churches located throughout Italy are witnesses of the use of refined techniques by Sir Giovanni Ceccacci.

Ceccacci Watches Company represents one of the oldest watchmaking activities in Italy, one of the most prestigious in the landscape of Haute Horlogerie, handed down from generation to generation and located in the historical centre of Ceprano (Lazio, Italy).

1931 — 1944

In the first half of the 19th century Sir Giovanni Ceccacci started to produce the first Ceccacci branded pocket watches.

1945 — 1949

During the World War II the shop in Ceprano was destroyed but, animated by a great courage, Giovanni with the precious help of his sons Arturo, Silvio and Roberto reopened his shop.

After more than a hundred years the Ceccacci Watches Company still represents a guarantee for the high quality of its products and for its reliability.


Arturo Ceccacci, one of Giovanni Ceccacci’s sons, opened a Ceccacci shop in Ostia (Rome) where he also built a repair workshop.

Really keen on cycling, the 5th May 1932 Arturo took part in the 4th edition of the Roma-Ascoli Piceno cycling race; on the 27th October 1935 he participated in 3rd edition of the Tour of the Four Provinces of Lazio, where he met prominent figures such as Bartali, Bini, Martano and even Girardengo who that year won the race. Arturo became a noticeable personality in a short time.

His name has been given to the cycling trophy, "Arturo Ceccacci", which each year brings many cyclists on racing circuit of Ceprano.

1950 — 1979

The Ceccacci Company kept growing and became the most famous watch shop of the Southern Lazio.

Throughout those years Arturo, Silvio and Roberto continued with the installation of tower clocks in various cities and churches of Italy and with the creation of the first collection of Ceccacci watches.

The Italian Government recognised the Ceccacci Watches Company the status of "Italian Historical Company".

1980 — Nowadays

In the '80s Aureliano Ceccacci, Giovanni’s nephew and Roberto’s son, took over the management of the company and nowadays he’s running it with competence and passion. He also opened an additional store to sell antiques of considerable artistic interest.

With the help of his brother Paolo and their father Roberto, in a short time Aureliano made the Ceccacci Company one of the most prestigious activities in the landscape of Haute Horlogerie.

2015 is Massimiliano Ceccacci’s year.

Massimiliano, Aurealiano's son, in the wake of his watchmaking family tradition, decide to create his own collection of Ceccacci watches managing to exhibit them at the EXPO Milan 2015 with great success.