10. Shipping policy
The client must refer to the following timelines regarding the availability of the product and from payment confirmation:

  • available items: immediate shipment (within 2-4 business days);
  • items available on (pre)order: shipment within 180 business days;
  • items not available: no shipment expected.

The order will not be processed until the Ceccacci S.r.l. receives the payment from the Client. International orders have the same order processing time. The Ceccacci S.r.l. does not process partial shipments, unless specified by the Client.

11. Transportation
The Items travel at customer's risk and danger.
Unless otherwise agreed between the contracting parties, Ceccacci freely chooses the carrier, which is usually DHL. Costs and risks for shipping and delivery, including those when held in stock by the carrier, are responsibility of the Client, if the client refuses the items from the carrier, or the client is not available on business days and at office hours.

12. Shipping costs
Shipping is always free in Italy. For foreign fares please check during the Checkout phase of purchasing.

13. Delivery
Delivery times may vary from 24 hours to 8 business days. Atmospheric conditions, road accidents and strikes could delay the normal delivery times. Shipments are tracked and an e-mail will be sent to the client containing the link to track the order and know the exact delivery day.

14. To exchange an Item
The Ceccacci S.r.l. does not offer the exchange service previously purchased on the portal www.ceccacci.com and/or www.ceccacci.it The Client will have to use the right of withdrawal but will still be able to order the correct product again.